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Mindful Vote 2018

Help Make a Difference and Get Out the Vote

In partnership with Buddhist leaders from across the country, we have the goal of reaching thousands in the Buddhist communities to inspire them to vote and to help get out the vote this election season.


Express your commitment and respect for the innate dignity and worth of all. Help to empower the voice of the whole community as a truly important contribution. Join Mindful Vote 2018!

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How To Get Out The Mindful Vote

STEP 1:  REGISTER [September]

National Voter Registration Day is on September 25. Every state has a different registration deadline.

GET REGISTERED TO VOTE now. If you want to help others register to vote find an organization near you or USE THIS GUIDE TO HELP OTHERS TO REGISTER.

STEP 2:  ACTIVATE [October]

Make announcements in your community, collect voter pledge cards committing your friends and family to vote, and find and help people in the many communities around you to vote. SEE OUR EASY-TO-USE TOOLS to help you do this.


To get more involved, FILL OUT YOUR INFORMATION BELOW and connect with Faith in Action. They will support you in getting out the vote.


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Get Involved

Want to get out the vote with others and connect with people across race and faith? FIND A FAITH IN ACTION ORGANIZATION NEAR YOU and fill out the contact form so we can help you connect to a team near you.

Don't see your place on the map? Send us a message or try connecting with these other non-partisan, get-out-the-vote organizations:

The League of Women Voters

Rock the Vote

Thanks for submitting!

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What tools are available so I can help get out the vote?

Find an organization near you and join local efforts to turnout infrequent and marginalized voters or use our voter engagement tools to activate voters in your family, spiritual community or neighborhood. 

Who is Faith In Action?

Faith In Action is a non-partisan, faith-based community organizing network that believes in a society in which every person lives in a safe and healthy environment, is respected and included, and has agency over the decisions that shape their lives. We work to bring together communities across race, faith, class and geography so that together we can work towards love and justice.

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