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Get Out The Vote Tools

Get Out The Vote Tools: Projects

Voter Pledge Cards

Voter Pledge Cards are a powerful tool to help people commit to voting and reminding them to vote.  Find Voter Pledge Cards in English and Spanish that will help you get commitments from voters in your community. Use them in a canvass (below), at events, in your faith or spiritual community, or here are Best Practices for how to use the pledge cards.


Engage Your Family and Friends

Research shows that we are three times more likely to turnout voters we know than strangers. And because we vote, we assume that those around us also vote. But the reality is, in a mid-term election, less than 50% - in some places only 25% - of registered voters will vote. Use your power of influence and our Friends & Families Tool to inspire the voters in your life. 



Many people need to know that their voice matters. And sometimes the best way to show that is to go to talk to voters at their doors. Voter Pledge Cards (above) are an excellent tool to have at a canvass. In addition, here you will find:


What Else?

Can't talk to voters but want to contribute in other ways? Let us know what skills you want to contribute to get out the vote efforts among low-income people, communities of color and youth across the country.

Election Campaign
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