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Buddhists Get Out The Vote

“As long as followers of the Way gather together and meet in harmony can they be expected to prosper and not decline. As long as followers of the Way care for the vulnerable among them can they be expected to prosper and not decline. As long as followers of the Way tend the sacred places in their environment can they be expected to prosper and not decline.

~ MahaParinirvana Sutra


Dear Friends in the Dharma,

This is a critical time in American society. As Buddhist teachers and leaders we recognize the importance of all who are eligible to participate in decisions that affect the well being of the whole. A mutual caring community is one of the central teachings of the Buddha.

Many have wondered what you can do at this divisive time. Across the country, tens of millions of eligible voters do not cast their vote - often because they don't believe their voice matters!

We are joining together with Faith In Action, a NON PARTISAN group of churches, mosques, synagogues and faith communities to help make sure all who are eligible are supported to vote.

We joyfully encourage all in our communities who can help in these weeks ahead to connect with Faith in Action. There you will find support and training so that in your area you can help get people out to vote. 

Express your commitment and respect for the innate dignity and worth of all. Help to empower the voice of the whole community as a truly important contribution. 

You can really make a difference! Please join us.

With loving kindness, compassion and blessings,

Yours in the Dharma,

Jack Kornfield                          Sharon Salzberg                      Joseph Goldstein

Zoketsu Norman Fischer       David Loy                                 Sayadaw U Vivekananda

Lama Surya Das                      Lama Palden Alioto                Thanissara & Kittisaro

Trudy Goodman                      Bob Thurman                           William Aiken

Tara Brach                                Wendy Egyoku Nakao             Gil Fronsdal

Kenjitsu Nakagaki                   Bhante Katugastota Uparatana Nayaka Thera

Sylvia Boorstein                       Sojun Mel Weitsman               Judy Lief

Hozen Alan Senauke              Gina Sharpe                               Konda Mason

Dharmacarani Vimalasara      Barbara Gates                           Bhiksuni Thubten Chodron

Lama Willa Miller                    Chozen & Hogen Bays             Rev. Bup Hee

Oren Jay Sofer                         Marcia Rose                               Neesha Patel

Tara Mulay                                Rodney Smith                           Pamela Weiss

Sharda Rogell                          Kamala Masters                        Jill Shepherd

Bonnie Duran                           James Baraz                              Devin Berry

Anna Douglas                          Spring Washum                         Carol Wilson

Larry Yang                                Kate Lila Wheeler                     Susie Harrington

Wes Nisker                               Eugene Cash                             Chris Crotty

Dawn Mauricio                         Gulwinder S. Singh                   Temple R. Smith

Parwan Bareja                          Phillip Moffitt                              Noliwe Alexander

Andrea Castillo                        Tere Abdala                                Andrea Fella

Jeff Haozous                             Mary Grace Orr                           Lama Döndrup

Howard Cohn                           Pat Berube, Lama Pat                Lama Stephen Gross

Leslie Booker                           Matthew Brensilver                    Kate Johnson

Diana Winston                         Debra Chamberlin Taylor          Lynn Weinberger

Erin Treat                                   Erin Selover, MS                         Shastri Nick Kranz

Madeline Klyne                        Daniel Rothberg                         Devon Hase

Chris Cullen                              Melvin McLeod                           Adin Strauss

Furyu Schroeder                      Annik Brunet                              Rev. Tenzen David Zimmerman

DaRa Williams                         Gregory Scharf                            Anne Cushman

Valorie Hutson                         Karen Maezen Miller                  Shaku Kengu Rev. Ronald Kobata

Ed Sattizahn                             Rev. James Ishmael Ford          Rev. Sumi Loundon Kim        

Karma Lekshe Tsomo             Rev. Grace Schireson                Sensei Koshin Paley Ellison

Sensei Chodo Campbell        Jisan Tova Green                        Rev. Rosan O. Yoshida, Ph.D.

Layla Smith Bockhorst            Eihei Peter Levitt                       Rebecca Li

Myogen Kathryn Stark            Narayan Helen Liebenson       Flint Sparks

Harrison Blum                          Sebene Selassie                         Ruth King

John Tarrant, Roshi                  Kanzan Bruce Fortin                  Thanissara

Jundo Cohen                            Pamela Ayo Yetunde                 Gyokuko Carlson

Jim Willems                              Mitchell Ratner                            Eiko Joshin Carolyn Atkinson

Karl Brunnholzl                         Kate Johnson                              Melissa Myōzen Blacker, Rōshi

Arinna Weisman                       Jules Shuzen Harris Sensei       James Myosan Cordova, Sensei

Alexis Santos                             Ryushin Paul Haller                    Nakawe Cuebas

Rev. Edward Keido Sanshin Oberholtzer

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